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ultiMine X is an implementation of the classic MineSweeper game, designed to stand out of the crowd. A lot of design effort has been spent to make it one of the most beautiful and playable implementations of MineSweeper available on the platform. And it's free!


New ultiMine X extensions will be added regularly. You can access them via the Enhance screen.

Screen Layout

An example screenshot from iPhone in portrait orientation is shown below. Actual screens will differ for other orientations and on iPad, however the principles for the layout remain the same.

Screen layout of ultiMine X

Goal Of The Game

The goal is to find all hidden mines in the minefield. This is done by ‘clearing’ the minefield: uncover all cells with no mine underneath.

As a memory aid, you can mark covered cells with a flag to indicate the presence of a mine; however, this is not required to win - an extra challenge for experienced players is to clear the minefield without using flags.

How To Play

A game is started by tapping a cell. The first tap will always result in a clear opening in the minefield. From now on however, you should watch your step and make sure not to uncover a cell with a mine underneath.

Look at the numbers shown in uncovered cells to learn where the mines are located in the field.

Mine locations can be marked with a flag by ‘tapping and holding’ a covered cell for about half a second. Use the same technique to remove a flag if it was placed by mistake.

Clear a single covered cell by tapping it. If there are no mines in the neighbourhood, the adjacent cells are also cleared automatically (cascade effect).

In many cases you can clear multiple covered cells at once: if you tap an uncovered cell containing a number that matches the number of flagged adjacent cells, all covered adjacent cells will be cleared at once.

If the minefield is bigger than your screen, you can scroll around by using the standard panning gesture (tap, hold and move).

Fast Flagging

In addition to the ‘tap and hold’ method, there is another way to put (and remove) a flag: fast flagging. When Fast Flagging mode is enabled in Settings, you can simultaneously tap and hold the flag button and tap a number of covered cells to quickly put a flag on each.

This method requires the use of both hands, but allows a quicker gameplay since there is no need to hold until a flag is placed. Some experienced players will prefer this method, however you are free to use it or not.

Screen orientations

When you rotate your device to any of the four orientations, you will notice a slight change in screen layout.

Choose the orientation that fits best for you. Right-handed players may prefer landscape right or portrait orientation, with the flag button located at the left side. Likewise, left-handed players may prefer landscape left or portrait upside-down orientation.

Game Center

ultiMine X has built-in support for Game Center leaderboards. To activate its features, you need to:

Once activated, your score at the end of a winning game is automatically uploaded to the Game Center leaderboard for the current theme and difficulty level. Also your current score is compared to your personal best score and to the overall best score in the leaderboard.

The full leaderboard can be accessed from within ultiMine X by tapping the timer field (see Screen Layout).

ultiMine, ultiMine Plus


With the release of ultiMine X, both ultiMine and ultiMine Plus become deprecated and will be removed from the App Store soon. All future development will happen in ultiMine X. We therefore encourage users of these apps to switch to ultiMine X as soon as possible.