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13 Feb 2016

ultiMine X 2.5: Bigger is Better

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If you're the happy owner of an iPad Pro, rejoice:
ultiMine X 2.5 shines on the big screen!

Otherwise, there's now one more reason to get yourself one...

Also, since Valentine's Day is around the corner, we'll be giving away the Valentine Theme for the next couple of weeks. You can install it for free from within the app via Enhance.

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Enjoy, and thanks for spreading the word!

5 Oct 2015

ultiMine X 2.4: Welcome to the Swift world

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It's been a busy year. We are very proud to present the all-new ultiMine X 2.4.

The new version has been completely rewritten using Swift, Apple's new and exciting programming language. Many under-the-hood improvements were done along the way. Rest assured, ultiMine X is in great shape and ready for the future!

Last but not least, we added a long-missed feature: pinch-to-zoom. Use it to navigate the minefield quickly, or just to easily adjust the scale for your comfort.

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Thank you for your continued support!

9 Jun 2014

New theme 'Brazil' available in ultiMine X 2.3

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You'd like to be in Brazil right now? Sorry, we can't get you there...

But we can help you to get a little closer with the brand-new Brazil theme in ultiMine X 2.3!

** Special Introduction Offer **

Brazil theme will be free during the ⚽️ World Cup 2014 ⚽️! Hurry up and download the In-App Purchase for free while you can!

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You missed the introduction offer? Keep in touch via Twitter to hear about future offers!

Let the games begin!

14 Feb 2014

New theme 'Valentine' available in ultiMine X 2.2

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ultiMine X 2.2 introduces a lovely new theme, right on time to get you in the mood for Valentine's Day!

Download or upgrade to ultiMine X 2.2, where you'll find the Valentine Theme as In-App Purchase enhancement.

Happy Valentine!

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Enjoy - and spread some love!

19 Nov 2013

New theme 'Rainy Window' available in ultiMine X 2.1

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ultiMine X version 2.1 adds a challenging new theme called
'Rainy Window' as In-App Purchase enhancement.

The Rainy Window theme is a real brain teaser. It features a challenging minefield pattern with triangular cells. Get ready for many hours of mental gymnastics on those rainy days...

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Enjoy - and spread the word!

21 Sep 2013

ultiMine X 2.0: Available now!

ultiMine X 2.0

After a longer than expected review period, ultiMine X is finally there in the App Store!

ultiMine X (version 2.0) is the successor to both ultiMine and ultiMine Plus (version 1.3). It's the result of a complete technical rewrite of the game, laying even better foundations for future enhancements. And it's ready for iOS 7!

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ultiMine X is a 'freemium' app. This means it's free to download and use the basic version, and you have the option to extend the functionality with In-App Purchases. The basic version features the three themes you already know from ultiMine (Plus). More themes will become available shortly via In-App Purchase.

We are really excited for what's still to come...
Want to hear it first? Keep in touch via Twitter!

1 Oct 2012

Blow up your iPhone screen with ultiMine 1.3

ultiMine 1.3

Enjoy the new version of the best minesweeper game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Version 1.3 includes support for the bigger screen of the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th generation, and is compatible with iOS 6. Furthermore, some minor bugs are fixed.

Both ultiMine 1.3 and ultiMine Plus 1.3 are available on the App Store today.

Please follow us on Twitter to hear more news on ultiMine:

Thanks for spreading the word, ultiMine likes to travel around the world!

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20 Sep 2012

ultiMine is being updated for iOS 6

under construction

We're all happy that iOS 6 was released yesterday!

Unfortunately, there are a number of compatibility issues with ultiMine that may cause the app to crash under certain circumstances. Please accept our apologies for this.

We are currently preparing a fix for the issues, an update should be available soon.

And yes, it will support the taller screen of the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5!

Thanks a lot for your patience!

19 Apr 2012

ultiMine 1.2 update available on the App Store

ultiMine 1.2

Exactly one year after the initial release of ultiMine, version 1.2 is ready for take-off. Both ultiMine and ultiMine Plus are available for download in the new version today. They feature the following improvements:

  • support for Retina display on the new iPad
  • optimized use of available screen estate:
    • improved super-sleek design
    • intelligent banner placement during gameplay
  • more fine-grained control over settings (sound effects, Game Center)
  • various bug fixes improving overall stability, performance, battery life and visual experience

Go get them now!

And many thanks for your support!

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14 Nov 2011

ultiMine Plus 1.1: 'Less is More'

ultiMine Plus

For the growing number of ultiMine fanatics out there:
a special version of ultiMine with a bigger game canvas!

ultiMine Plus 1.1 has:

  • no banner for iAd / AdMob at the top of the screen
  • up to 16% bigger game canvas - especially great for iPhone and iPod touch users, and for those large expert boards
  • same great gameplay and features as ultiMine 1.1

Download ultiMine Plus today for a small fee - and support us in developing more great apps.
(Or feel free to keep enjoying ultiMine for free.)

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27 Sep 2011

ultiMine 1.1 update available on the App Store

ultiMine 1.1

A new version of ultiMine is available for download today. ultiMine 1.1 offers the following improvements:

  • Game Center integration: keep your score in Game Center leaderboards and compete with the rest of the world
  • a beautiful and exclusive extra theme: Stone Floor
  • game settings are saved when you leave the app
  • bug fix that sometimes caused a crash in iOS 4.0 and 4.1
  • improved responsiveness
  • sharper image rendering

Go get it for free at the App Store!

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4 Jun 2011

Website refreshed

Refreshed website

As you can see, our website has received a new look & feel. We have polished the style and applied it consistently throughout the whole website. Technically speaking, content and appearance are now separated by the use of CSS.

The content and functionalities have not changed.

The website should display well in standard-compliant browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera). Unfortunately, as we all know, Internet Explorer lags somewhat behind in this respect...

We hope you like the new style.
Any comments are welcome on the contact page!

19 Apr 2011

ultiMine: Available on the App Store

ultiMine icon artwork

We’re proud to announce that ultiMine has been approved for publication in the App Store. As from today, ultiMine is available for download on any App Store around the world.

Get it here, it’s free!


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12 Apr 2011

Teaser for ultiMine Released

ultiMine teaser

After months of hard work, we’re almost there.
The first app by Lucid Oak, called ultiMine, is currently being reviewed for publication in the App Store.

We’ll keep you informed when the app is actually available for download on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Meanwhile, we invite you to watch the teaser.
That is, if you’re curious enough...

12 Apr 2011

Lucid Oak Website Launched

Lucid Oak on the internet

Welcome to www.lucidoak.com!

The website currently hosts news flashes about the company, information about offered products and services, and contact information. Additional content will be added in the future.

Please don’t hesitate to leave a feedback message via the contact page. Any suggestion for improvement of the website or one of our products is greatly appreciated.


15 Feb 2011

Lucid Oak - Company Raised

Lucid Oak logo

Today, Lucid Oak has been officially founded.

Lucid Oak will be active in the field of mobile application development and related services. The company’s strategy is to start small and operate lean. We intend to grow as opportunities arise, but only in a way that respects our values and serves our main goals, which are:

  • deliver quality products and services
  • get customer satisfaction
  • develop creative solutions
  • have fun in doing the above

We strongly believe that these values come together.

In this startup phase Lucid Oak will focus on:

  • the Apple iOS platform (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch)
  • internal projects
  • small to medium-sized customer projects, in partnership